Tim's Engine 5 Photo Transfers
Jana's Fine Fashion Jewelry



We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in the transfer of your pictures, images and designs to a variety of specially coated ceramics, metals, hardboards, glass, cotton, and polyester cloth items.

We also offer a quality selection of fine fashion jewelry.

We currently offer transfers to...

Car Flags, 
Tote Bags,
Ceramic Tile Trivets, 
License Plates,
Trailer Hitch Inserts, 
Glass Cutting Boards,
Tee Shirts, Clocks, 
Ceramic Ornaments,
Let us know what you have
in mind and we'll do
our best to deliver!
Contact us at [email protected]
Your picture or mine... ALWAYS the same price! 
Engine 5 retired from active duty in Mankato, MN and
currently resides with us in South Colby, WA.   



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